Altwernigeröder Apparthotel - Marktstraße 14, 38855 Wernigerode

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After your special experiences in Wernigerode it's about time to taste the Harz and start a culinary journey. Enjoy German homestyle cooking in our restaurant "Altwernigeröder Kartoffelhaus“. Connoisseurs try and experience an old Harz tradition "Harzer Rotes Höhenvieh“. This special kind of beef is raised under thes best circumstances on luscious, green meadows. You have to try the soft and tender meat.

If you feel more like a short trip to the Mediterranean, we invite you to our "Bodega“. Enter the heart of Spain and try delicious tapas, entrées and wine which will create a relaxed holiday mood.

On the website of "Bodega“ you can inform yourself about our menu before your visit. Following below you can find an overview of the dishes that are served in "Alterwernigeröder Kartoffelhaus“. We are open every day from 11:00. If you want to make a booking for parties or meetings, or if you need suggestions for a buffet or course-meal do not hesitate to call us. You can reach us by phone +49 (0)3943 949290. We are more than happy to help you.

Bon appetit!


  • 1. "Puffer-Lachs-Törtchen" Salmon-rösti-Tartlet €7,60
  • 2. Seasonal Fishplate Smoked salmon, lokal trout, creamed horseradish, bread, butter €8,90
  • 3. Potato wedges with a homemade potatocream €5,50
  • 4. Baked potato with potato cream, tzaziki or curd cheese €6,30
  • 6. Breaded mushrooms with tzaziki and salad €5,90


  • 14. Mixed salad €4,20
  • 15. Tomato-Mozarella €6,50
  • 16. Salad „Kartoffelhaus“ mixed salads, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, kraut, thuna and feta €9,50


  • 20. Potato soup €4,40
  • 21. Soljanka €4,40
  • 22. Tomatocream soup with whipped cream €45.25

Hearty dishes from the grill and the pan

  • 30. Grillplate "Wernigerode" Steaks from cattle and pork, filet of pork, chicken breast, lokal sausage, onions, spicy dip, herb butter, pan fried potatoes and krautsalad €17,50
  • 31. "Kartoffelhaus" plate filet of chicken, pork and turkey, seasonally vegetables and cropuette €15,40
  • 32. Schweinesteak "Hawaii" steak from pork, baked with pineapple and cheese, french fries and salad €12,80
  • 33. Well aged Rumpsteak (250g) with herb butter, potato wedges and salad €19,30
  • 34. Roulade with apple-red cabbage and boiled potatoes €12,60
  • 35. Schnitzel with mushrooms in cream croquette, salad €11,30
  • 36. Schnitzel "Milan" baked with tomatoes and mozarella, tomato-sauce, potato wedges €12,90
  • 37. Two fried chicken breasts potato wedges, potatocream, tomatosauce and salad €12,40
  • 41. Three spits of lamb filet marinated in garlic-oil, feta cheese, green beans, baked potato, and potatocream €18,90
  • 42. "Dreckskarren" three lockets of pork with green beans and pan fried potatoes €14,70
  • 43. Haxe and kraut with boiled potatoes €11,50
  • 44. "Holsteiner Schnitzel" with two fried eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, curd, gherkin, and salad €12,80
  • 46. Calf`s liver and mashed potatoes with grilled rings from apple and onions €13,40
  • 48. Three medallions from pork baked with mushrooms in cream, hashed brown potatoes, salad €14,90
  • 49. "Schupfnudelpfanne" potato dumblings with slices of turkey and mushrooms in cream €11,50

All around the potatoe

  • 50. Baked potatoe with fresh mushrooms in cream and salad €7,90
  • 51. Potatoes in the skin with three different dips €7,90
  • 52. Four Röstis with apple sauce €6,30
  • 53. Baked potato "Lukullus" grilled onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, tomatoes, potatocream, with slices of cold roastbeef or smoked salmon €10,20
  • 54. Rösti and smoked salmon with creamed horseradish and salad €10,20

Fish dishes

  • 60. Steamed fish served two ways with vegetable and boiled potatoes €14,60
  • 63. Fried salmon with boiled potatoes, vegetable and herb butter €13,90
  • 65. "Harz" trout „Müllerin Art – lokal dish fried trout with almond butter, boiled potatoes, salad €14,70
  • 66. Smoked filets of "Harz" trout – lokal dish with creamed horseradish, and fried potatoes, mixed salad €14,70

All around the pan fried potatoes

  • 72. Homemade fried potatoes with fried eggs, curd, gherkin, salad €8,10
  • 75. "Bauerfrühstück" in the manner of the „Kartoffelhaus“ potatoes, eggs and onions fried together with goulash small €7,50 €9,70
  • 76. "Bauernfrühstück" potatoes, eggs and onions fried together with potatocream small €7,20 €9,10
  • 77. Homemade sour meat with remoulade, fried potatoes, salad €10,90
  • 78. Brawn in the manner of the "Kartoffelhaus" with fried potatoes, remoulade €10,90

Potatoes going round the world

  • 83. Casserole from potatoes and vegetable baked with cheese – vegetarian dish €9,90
  • 85. Greek potato pan with slices of filet of pork, mushrooms, bell pepper, onions, feta, tzaziki and salad €10,80
  • 89. Indian casserole fried slices of turkey and potatoes baked in a pineapple-curry-sauce with cheese and cowberries €10,80
  • 91. Potato-casserole "a la Carbonara" baked with cheese €10,80
  • 96. "Harz" farmers plate coldmeat and cheese with bread, butter and lard - and after it a potatoschnapps €12,50
  • 98. Venison goulash – lokal manner with red cabbage, cowberries, and boiled potatoes €13,80
  • 100. Haunch of young venison with cowberries, red cabbage and finger shaped potatoe dumplings €16,50


  • 111. Vanilla ice and whipped cream with hot cherries or raspberries €5,20
  • 112. "Apfelstrudel" with vanilla ice and whipped cream €5,20
  • 113. Mixed Ice cream three balls (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) with whipped cream €4,80
  • 114. Red fruit jelly with vanilla ice and whipped cream €4,50 €
  • 115. "Bananasplit" straciatella, vanilla, chocolate with whipped cream and almonds €6,10
  • 115. "Ladies dream" vanilla, chocolate and straciatella with whipped cream and eggnog €6,10